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We make it happen.

First Network

First Network (previosly Hansung Network) was established in 2000. 

We have 15 years experience of furnishing both wired and wire-less network infrastructure.

We specialize in the complete installation of communication systems whether it be voice, video, or data forwarding.

Since 2000, We have been engaged in various forms of installation projects on both local and global scale.

We strive to meet federal and commercial demands on providing dynamic communication networks.

Our team is committed to build scalable network to help facilitate advanced communication and network systems. 

Our Vision and Values

First network is committed to providing diverse, cost effective, high quality contract services to our customers, and

meeting and exceeding expectations as set forth in our contractual obligations.

We are committed to upholding a reputation of being courteous, knowledgeable and responsible.

We value diversity, teamwork, respect and loyalty. We display courtesy and respect to customers, fellow contractors and employees.

Each member of First Network is part of the company’s overall success.

Every employee is valued for their contributions. Every person stands for quality, teamwork and success.

First Network  - where the power is in the people.

Our Mission

First Network is a global systems integrator providing diverse, cost effective, high quality, integrated products and

services to both government and commercial entities.

Our mission is to meet customer expectations while remaining price sensitive, without sacrificing quality.

We are firmly committed to upholding our customer partnerships to the highest standards

by being knowledgeable of our customers’ missions and always providing added value to our customers’ performance.

Specializes in

US Federal System



Established in 2018, First Group consists of 3 affiliated companies, First ENG, First Network, and First Elect.

First Network is an IT system integration partner, providing services from planning, installation to maintenance with expertise in C4I system.

First ENG provide the total solution in construction as well as electric power engineering and manufacturing.

First Elect provides distribution for power, communication cables, and industrial equipment. 

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